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- City sightseeing


 Vladivostok Train Station. 
 The Vladivostok Train Station is built in Russian architectural style of the 17th century, modeled after the Yaroslavsky Railway Station in Moscow (the beginning of the Trans-Siberian Railroad - the world's longest railway). You will see the last milestone of the Trans-Siberian Railroad with the inscription on it: “Here is the terminus of the Great Trans-Siberian Railroad. Distance to Moscow is 9288 km.” This is where the railroad ends, and those willing to continue their travel can take a boat from the marine terminal just across the tracks from its railroad counterpart.

 Vladivostok Central Square.

The main square of the city, site of public holiday celebrations. See Primorye Administration and the Krai Duma buildings as well as the monument to the Fighters for the Soviet Power in the Russian Far East, which has been the main monument of Vladivostok over the years of Soviet regime (you could see it on all Vladivostok postcards printed then). Apart from a monument to Soviet war heroes, the square is the site of public holidays celebration.
 Triumphal Arch.
The Arch was built in 1891 in honor of the cesarevich Nikolai, future last czar of the Russian Empire. In about 1930 the arch was demolished like many other monuments having any connection to the czarist regime. And only in 2003, the year of Nicholas’s 135th anniversary, the arch was restored to take its place among the most beautiful city attractions.
Korabelnaya Naberezhnaya (“Naval Embankment”).
The memorial complex at Korabelnaya Naberezhnaya commemorates the naval glory of Vladivostok. You will see a concrete bowsprit
symbolizing Manchur, the first Russian boat to visit Golden HornBay (the ship allegedly anchored in this very place). There is also the Krasny Vympel, a tiny naval schooner which held high proudly the Russian flag in the early 1920s; the WWII Submarine C-56, which is open for visitors and the Eternal Flame. Hundreds of names of Vladivostok KIA seamen are inscribed on black marble slabs near the memorial fire. 
Embankment at Sportivnaya Harbor.
Strolling down the new pedestrian street totally remodeled in 2003 (called by locals “Arbat” after the famous street in Moscow) you will get to the waterfront at the foot of Tiger Hill. It attracts visitors and Vladivostok residents with the view of the Amursky Bay, a Dolphinarium and an Oceanarium featuring a varied collection of denizens of the deep in its great aquariums. The adjoining building, which also faces the waterfront, contains a set of gymnasiums, swimming pools and basketball and volleyball courts. The townspeople come here in the evenings and at weekends to walk along the sea, meet with friends or get some rest in one of the cafes. The round building of Ocean Cinema sits in the middle of the Tiger Hill, while the hill itself is nearly smothered in hotels overlooking the Amursky Bay.
The view of Vladivostok.
 Come here to enjoy the best view of Vladivostok from the top of the Eagle’s Nest (Orlinoye Gnezdo) Hill, the highest point of the city (702 feet). You may get up the hill by funicular rail (cable car), constructed in 1962 – there are only 2 of the kind in Russia. See the fascinating panorama of Golden Horn, Amursky, and Ussuriisky Bays and Russian Island. On to the Commercial Port, Fishing Port, docks, and sea terminals. If you have plenty of time at your disposal you may visit other viewpoints in Vladivostok offering views of other local sites.
There are far more interesting places in Vladivostok (especially in historic downtown), each having its style and history – GUM department store building, Y. Brynner’s house, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Nevelskoy monument, Post Office building, Orthodox St. Nicholas Church, etc. - you may see them all during our 3-hour City Tour.
Vladivostok botanical garden
It’s a unique place, where gathered the most interesting and rare kinds of plants of Far East. Here you can relax under the great oaks and cedars, admire beautiful magnolia, rhododendron, walk on the wild paths. There are a lot of flower expositions here. Workers of the garden do a lot of scientific work and have regular expeditions into the wild forest of  Primorye for learning and finding new species of plants. It is a beautiful park for walking and enjoying the nature, opened every day since 9 to 17. Specialists in botany can also find here a lot of interesting: you can visit the Greenhouse, meet with Russian colleges and discuss the modern scientific problems.  
Vladivostok Fortress Museum. Operating hours: from 10:00am to 6:00pm. The museum of unique Vladivostok’s underground marine fortress, constructed at the end of the 19th- the beginning of 20th centuries. Vladivostok Fortress had been built for 40 years and was one of the best and largest fortresses in the world. The museum is located in Bezymyannaya Battery – one of fortress’s batteries, built in 1872.


Primorye Picture Gallery. Operating hours: from 10:00am to 1:00pm, from 2:00pm to 6:00pm, closed on Mondays. Opened in 1966. Over 5,000 exhibits. Paintings by Russian artists from the 18th-20th centuries: K. Bryullov, I. Shishkin, I. Repin, I. Aivazovsky, I. Levitan, M. Shagal. Ancient Russian icons. Artists of Primorye. Applied Art. Book store.


Museum of military history of Pacific Fleet. It was opened in 1950. Nowadays it is located in one of the historical buildings of Vladivostok city – in the buildings for officers, that was built in the end of the 19th century. The expositions exhibited here contain the information about the history of Pacific Fleet, since the development of Far East until today. Here are exhibited different kinds of guns and military machines. Open hours: since 10 to 18 every day, except Monday, Tuesday and the last Friday of the month.

Memorial Ship “Red Pennant”.   It was made in 1911 in Finland. Until 1922 it had been used by Kamchatka Fleet, but since 1922 it became a guard ship of Vladivostok city and got the name “Red Pennant”. It protected the territorial waters of  Far East, participated in the battles during the World War II. Nowadays it exhibits the expositions of its own military history. Open hours: since 10 to 18.

Vladivostok Museum of Archeology and Ethnography. It was opened in 1979. The main subjects of the museum activities – collecting, researching and exhibiting of archeological findings of different eras that were found on the territory of Far East. Here are also gathered ethnographic collections of native people of Far east and traditional household items. Nowadays exhibitions of the museum attract exceptional interest of scientists from Asia-Pacific region, Europe and America. Open hours: every day since 10 to 18 except Saturday and Sunday

 Vladivostok Aquarium (Oceanarium). Operating hours: from 10:00am to 5:00pm, closed in Mondays. Opened in July 1991. Live exposition of 86 species and over 1,800 kinds of marine life in aquariums, representing a variety of inhabitants of Peter the Great Gulf and other water reservoirs of Primorye.

 Memorial Submarine S-56 Museum. Operating hours: from 10:00am to 6:00pm, closed in Mondays. Famous Pacific Fleet submarine that sank 10 fascist ships during World War II.

 Arsenyev Primorsky Krai Museum. Operating hours: from 9:00am to 5:00pm (Tuesday-Thursday), from 9:00am to 4:00pm (Friday), closed in Mondays. Nature, ethnography, archaeology, and history museum. Opened in 1890. Over 200,000 exhibits. Stuffed animals, herbariums, minerals. The history of the Primorye Region from ancient to modern times.

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