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- Adventure

     More and more people in the world prefer not ordinary vacation near see but incredible adventures in unusual places of the world. What incredible adventures are? Wikipedia gives this description - "Extreme tourism or Shock tourism is a type of niche tourism involving travel to dangerous places (mountains, jungles, deserts, caves, etc.) or participation in dangerous events. Extreme tourism overlaps with extreme sport. The two share the main attraction, "adrenaline rush" caused by an element of risk, and differing mostly in the degree of engagement and professionalism." Great variety of tour companies from all parts of the world provide incredible tours, such as swimming with shark, incredible travel to crater of volcano eruption, incredible trip with skydive in Everest, incredible travel to Antarctica and many others. Our travel company "Lucky Tour" tries to satisfy all tourists' wants. It doesn't mean that all of them concern the risk involving. We invite all lovers of incredible tours to join us. We provide a lot of interesting  tours such a rafting, hiking  and climbing to Pedan and Lisaya mountains (ones of the most interesting mountains in Primorsky region), fishing one of the biggest fish – KALUGA , tours to Kamchatka, most world's beautiful lake Baikal and others will make your life colorful and different, open new possibilities to learn the world. As one of our incredible travel we offer the Real Russian hunting at primorsky region’s forest – TAIGA.  You will enjoy beautiful Russian landscape and wild nature of Russian forest. Having the great experience in providing such kinds of tours, we guarantee the safety and high quality service during the incredible adventures.

Rafting down Kema river
7 days.Tour includes staying on the sea shore for 1 day. Sample of the tour.
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Trekking in the Ussuri taiga
7 days tour. Includes trekking, rafting and visting Petrov Island
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Trekking on the Pidan mountain
2 days. Tour also includes visiting Ussuriisk and Vladivostok. Sample of the tour.
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Horse riding
4 days. Sample of the tour.
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Fishing on the Armu River
Sample of the tour. 8 days
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Rafting and fishing on the Bikin River
8 days tour. Sample of the tour.
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Rafting down Armu River
Sample of the tour. 10 days. Tour includes fishing, rafting and visiting "Udege legend" national park.
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Samarga fishing
6 days. Smaple of the tour
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Kievka rafting and Yelamovskie waterfalls
Rafting down Kievka River, visiting Lazo reserve and meeting with tiger specialist, trekking and observing Yelamovskie waterfalls, excursion to Petrova island. 3 days. Sample of the tour.
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Gold-mining tour
8 days. Tour includes gold-mining, fishing and visiting of reserve. Sample of the tour.
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Fishing of Kaluga
Catch and release fish. 6 days. Sample of the tour
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