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Sakhalin Region (including Sakhalin island, the Kuril Islands, and about 56 nearby islands) is situated along the eastern coastline of Russia, to the north of the Japanese island Hokkaido.  This unique part of Russia is the only Russian region located on islands.  It is famous for its fauna and flora, mineral sources and healing mud, volcanoes and waterfalls, archaeological monuments and nature reserves. There are 43% of all bird species, 17% of all mammal species and 94% of  all whale species of the former Soviet Union located in the region.  Currently, of course, it is known for its oil exploration, and most foreign oil companies are presented on the island.      
   Sakhalin was firstly inhabited in the Neolithic Stone Age. Flint implements, like those found in Siberia, have been found at Dui and Kusunai in great numbers, as well as polished stone hatchets, like European examples, primitive pottery with
decorations like those of the Olonets, and stone weights for nets. More then that, a population, to whom bronze was known, left traces in earthen walls and kitchen-middens on the Aniva Bay. Among the indigenous people of Sakhalin, there are Ainu and the Nivkh, as well as others.  
     The capital Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, a city of about 175,000 people, has a large Korean minority, typically referred to as Sakhalin Koreans, who were forcibly brought by the Japanese during World War II to work in the coal mines. Most of the population live in the southern half of the island, centered mainly around Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and two ports, Kholmsk and Korsakov (population 50,000 each).
Sighseeing points.
-Sakhalin Lore Museum. It was founded in 1896. Since 1947 it is placed in the building of former museum of Karafuto region. Its collection includes historic, ethnographic, geologic, zoological and other exhibits. The most interesting are exhibits of ainu and nivkhs traditional culture . There are also historic materials and documents about Russian-Japanese relations of XV-XX centuries.
-Sakhalin Regional Art Museum. It is placed in the building of former Japanese bank “Hokkaido Takusyoku” that is the original architectural attraction itself. Showrooms of this museum include “Ancient Russian Art”, “Art of Japan”, “Art of Korea” exhibitions.
-Chekhov Museum. The first Chekhov museum that became a predecessor to the modern museum has been opened by convicts in 1896. It is dedicated to Russian writer Chekhov who has been here in 1890 and has written a book, called “Sakhalin Isle”.
        The main Sakhalin attraction is nature. There are a lot of unique landscapes here.
-Tunaicha lake. The largest lake in Sakhalin that is famous among ornithologists.
-Waida mountain. The highest point in the middle Sakhalin. This mountain is unique by its caves and fossils. Especially interesting are Vaida cave with its beauty stalactites and stalagmites and Medvejih Tragedii cave (cave of Bear Tragedies) where were founded bears’ bones and tools of ancient man. The surface of mountain is decorated with alpine meadows and little lakes. --Vaida Mountain also has historic importance as it was a border point between Japanese and Russian parts of Sakhalin.
-Moneron and Tulenii (Seal) islands. The territory of these islands is protected. Islands are interesting by its unique flora and fauna. Underwater life here is very rich because of warm Tsushima flow. The visibility of clear water reaches 30-40 meters. Here are also a huge bird colony and seal rookery.
- Railway Kholmsk- Yuznosakhalinsk. It was built by Japanese in the beginning of XX. Nowadays it is unusable and deserted but it has a historic value. If you go along the road (that takes 2-3 days, but there is a shorter route) you can observe interesting engineering constructions, bridges and tunnels. But, please, don’t try to walk there alone, as the condition of a railway makes your trip dangerous.
-Waterfall Ilya Muromets. It is the highest waterfall in Russia. Its height is 141 meter!
-Mineral springs and healing mud. There are more than 50 springs in Sakhalin, among which are Sinegorskii mineral springs that are interesting by structure of water with high content of carbonate and arsenic. These springs are used in medicine. They can be used for bathes or drinking. Also it has been founded more than 20 deposits of healing mud that is also used in medicine. Several sanatoriums here can offer a wide range of medical services.

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