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Educational programs

Russian School for International Students of the Far Eastern National University has 16-year experience of the Russian language training for foreign students. We train students from the USA, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, China and many other countries.
Our instructors use intensive methods of training.
The programs of Russian language training are differentiated according to the preliminary levels of Russian the applicants have on entering the Russian School for International Students. These levels are six : elementary, novice, intermediate, advanced, superior and professional level.
The students are tested on entering the FENU Russian School and are divided into the groups according to test results. The number of students in a group: minimum 3 students and not more than 10 students.
Since Russian School performs course education, we do not provide holidays. Also, you may enter group all around the year.

The courses duration and dates of entering are as follows:

One month Russian language course

Tuition fee – 400$.

The program of studies complies 80 hours

Two month Russian language course

Tuition fee – 800$.

The program of studies complies 80 hours

Three month Russian course

Tuition fee – 1075$.

The program of studies complies 240 hours.

Four  month Russian course

Tuition fee – 1447$.

The program of studies complies 320  hours.

Five month Russian course

Tuition fee – 1560$.

The program of studies complies 400 hours.

Six  month Russian course

Tuition fee – 1835$.

The program of studies complies 480 hours.

Seven  month Russian course

Tuition fee – 2093$.

The program of studies complies 560 hours.

 *Although courses usually start at the mentioned dates, you can join the course at any time.
The most effective course of Russian is 10-month course. We usually receive applications for admission and start entry visa arranging procedure two months before courses starting, so that Applicant could have enough time to get visa.
 Registration: The applicants must fill in Application for Admission and send it with a passport copy attached. Besides we need to know the following: home address, place of work or study, occupation, work or study address, city of birth, place of obtaining visa, chosen period of studies and room charge (if needed).
The applicants must bring some documents of their educational background, Medical Certificate and 4 photos (3x4 sm).
The courses program includes an excursion program: introduction to Vladivostok through sightseeing, culture activities.
Lodging: apartments for foreign students in the University dormitory. We provide, single rooms, double rooms (i.e. one room for two students) and triple rooms (i.e. one room for three students), four-bed rooms (i.e. one room for four students). Rooms are equipped with different set of conveniences. We also provide some measures of security in the dormitory. There is also an international phone, laundry and kitchen corner on the floor.
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