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EXT Currency Rates for Russian

Exchange Rates
from 18.01.2020
Австралийский доллар
42,5134 rub.
68,5358 rub.
Канадский доллар
47,2135 rub.
10 Китайских юаней
89,7105 rub.
1000 Вон Республики Корея
53,1461 rub.
100 Японских иен
55,8302 rub.



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Vladivostok – is the closest European city to the Northeast Asian countries.Primorsky Territory and China are only 55kmRead More


. -7 oC ясно
Pressure: 768 hpa
Humidity: 37 %
Temp min: -7 °C
Temp max: -7 °C
Wind speed: 5 m/s
Wind direction: northern
Sunrise: 11:40
Sunset: 21:03
Forecast for Vladivostok



  1. Vladivostok
  2. Vladivostok – Sikhote-Alin Reserve
  3. Sikhote-Alin Reserve
  4. Sikhote-Alin Reserve – Vladivostok
  5. Vladivostok-Safari park


SAMPLE OF THE TOUR LOCATION: Vladivostok, Marine Reserve, Khedrovaya Pad’ Reserve GROUP SIZE: max 20 RATING: low - difficulty COMMENTS: Please, bring comfortable shoes and appropriate clothes for walking.

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Evening arrival to Vladivostok by train

Meeting at the train station (driver only)

Transfer to Versailles hotel, 3*+

Free time, overnight


Meeting with ESG/FSG at the hotel’s lobby

Guide and transport working for 12 hours: 09:00 – 21:00


City tour around Vladivostok with visiting 2 museums. You will visit Railway station building, Central square, Svetlanskaya Street, Nikolai Triumph Arch, C-56 submarine museum, Historical Center of Vladivostok, Nabereznaya of Tsesarevicha, Sports Harbor and visiting Arseniev museum, Orthodox Church

13:00-14:00 Lunch at the local restaurant
14:00-17:00 Excursion to Russky Island by new bridges, visiting Voroshilovskaya Battery and other fortification at the Island
17:00-19:00 2 hours Cruise by private boat around Russky Island (given as an optional excursion)

Lunch at the café at Russky Island (sea food menu)

Back to Vladivostok by 21:00

Vladivostok – Sikhote-Alin Reserve

Breakfast at hotel’s restaurant

Early morning departure for Sikhote-Alin Reserve by car (distance is 680 km, time in the way is about 8 hours)

Lunch at the local café on the way

Evening arrival to Reserve

Accommodation at Ternei htl

Dinner, banya and overnight

Sikhote-Alin Reserve


Excursion to Blagodatnoe lake and Udobnaya bay by foot. This lake is one of the largest lakes of lagoonal type. It's the only lake on the Russian shore of Japanese Sea included into the Natural Reserve. It looks like a beautiful basin surrounded with mountains. It is separated from the sea by thin beach (width about 50 meters), during the storms it is covered with water and the lake unites with the sea. Thick bushes on the shore of the lake, woods on the flanks of the mountains are the place for the nests of various birds. In spring and autumn thousands of migrating birds have rest and meals on the shore of Blagodatnoe lake.

Lots of wild animals (bears, roe deers) live there. Their tracks can be seen everywhere! The tracks of tigers who often come here can also be met. The meadow near the lake is the home for wonderful flower - Palibin's Edelweiss. The high terrace between the lake and sea where the remains of people's settlement still exists lets enjoy the panoramic view to the whole lake and lagoon. This route is about 3,5 km and lasts about 2-3 hours.

After lunch excursion by foot to Mys Severny.

It allows to get acquainted with the life of Larga seal. Its rookery is located on the rocks of Northern Cape. It is one of the rare places on the shore of Japanese Sea where the great amount of this sea animals gather. In summer and during the autumn-winter migrations one can see up to 400 seals on the rocks. This route also lets see the flora of Japanese Sea shore. This route takes about 3 hours, duration is 4 km.


Route description: Departure from Blagodatnoe cordon by foot, walking through the forest and meadow to Mys Severny. Climbing to Cape (50 m under the water level), watching of Larga seals’ rockery.

Back to by foot along the Sea coast.

Dinner. Night at the hotel


Sikhote-Alin Reserve

Breakfast. Excursion to Yasnaya stow by foot and car.

This route allows to get acquainted with secondary forests of pyrogenic origin which are recovered after felling. The route starts from Ternei village and takes 27 km by car to Yasnaya cordon then and  3 km by foot. The route is about 4 hours.

Yasnaya River heads in the central part of Reserve. You can see see different forests from broad-leaved forest to cedar ones. There are rare plants such as Japanese yew, Manchu Aralia, eleuterococcus and others.

Also you can see tracks of musk deer, the typical inhabitant of Taiga.

Lunch at the café in Ternei.

After lunch Meeting with the scientists of the Russian-American Siberian Tiger project (WSC) and learn about their activities and participate in radio tracking with the project participants.

Dinner. Banya and night at the hotel


Sikhote-Alin Reserve


Excursion to Kabaniy cordon (by car)

The route starts from Ternei village and passes through the southern borders of the Reserve, along the Dzigitovka River. The finish point is Kabaniy Stow.

The route takes 1 full day and duration is 95 km.

It gives you the opportunity to get acquaintance with cedar & firry forests.

You can watch the rare & relict plant named “Rosebay Fori”.

Packed lunch at the cordon “Kabaniy”

Back to Blagodatnoe cardon by car

Dinner and overnight at the hotel

Sikhote-Alin Reserve – Vladivostok


Early morning transfer by car to Vladivostok

Lunch, dinner at the roadside cafe

Evening arrival to Vladivostok

Overnight at Versailles htl, 3*In the evening arrival to Port Baikal, a little village near the Angara river source on the opposite to Listvyanka shore, terminal station of the railway. Then ferry to Listvyanka and transfer to the hotel Krestovaya Pad 3*, address: Gornaya Street, 14A

Dinner at hotel restaurant

Overnight in Listvyanka


Vladivostok-Safari park

Breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant

Meeting the guide and transfer to Shkotovsky district for the excursion to Safari park

Safari Park is situated 75-80 km far from Vladivostok city. This Animal Park was found as a Park for injured or ill wild animals to keep them safe. Animals are leaving in close to wild nature conditions and visitors will see them like they are living in wild life. The forest area of the Park is 40 000 square meters. Visitors can find here over 30 kinds of birds, predators and plant-eating animals. You can see Amur Tiger, Siberian Stag, Dappled deer, Roe deer, Wild boar, Black bear, brown bear, wolf, fox and other wild animals. Visitors may not only see wild animals but also make photos with them, feed them and even touch some kind.


After the excursion around the Park Lunch at the roadside café

Departure to Vladivostok

Arrival to hotel

Free time and overnight



Transfer to the airport (without guide) for the flight

Leave VVO

Evening arrival to Vladivostok by train

Meeting at the train station (driver only)

Transfer to Versailles hotel, 3*+

Free time, overnight